DYPALL Network’s busy May days – Part 1: Steering Group Meetings

On the 18th to the 19th of May, DYPALL Network was involved in different activities to strengthen our network.

First and foremost, it brought together researchers and trainers from around Europe who work specifically on the theme of youth participation at local level. These meetings had the goal of supporting the strategic development of the Network and were also a chance to reflect on key services and products to be developed in order to better support our Network development.

One of the main outcomes of this particular meeting was the creation of three working groups, draft their goals and plan their next steps. These working groups focus respectively on:

  • Training and research on participation;
  • Social integration and participation; and
  • Local Entrepreneurial Systems.

We are confident that our vision of greater social inclusion through involving young people in the decision-making process at local level to be closer, as our network of dedicated and talented professionals is getting stronger with actions and ideas.

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