Evaluation seminar “DigiZation”

From 17th – 22nd September, the evaluation seminar of the project “DigiZation – Digital Participation in Youth Organisations”, took place in Vienna, with participants from different countries and partner organizations, such as DYPALL Network (Portugal), POPEDU (Austria), OUT OF THE BOX INTERNATIONAL (Belgium), and CID – Center for Intercultural Dialogue (North Macedonia).

During the week, some reflections were made regarding the project, that aimed at developing skills on the use of digital tools, towards better communication between organizations and young people, sharing good practices and solutions for organization’s struggles to engage young people towards active participation in their communities.

The team evaluated the booklet created on the last meetings (in Portimão and Skopje) and the participants reported the usage of different digital tools towards their work and the impact of the same, towards efficiency, weighing the pros and cons of such,

There was also a workshop with Francis Rafal, co-founder of Content Creation School, Rafal Studios and Ninjawerk. This gave the participants a chance to acquire more knowledge regarding video and photographic content and techniques, finishing the day with presentations from each team on tutorial videos, regarding the same digital tools implemented during the project.

The videos that come from this activity will also be part of the final version that will be published of the booklet being developed.

Furthermore, during this experience, the participants integrated a TEDx Conference, being also invited to join the same conference as speakers.

The evaluation seminar provided a chance of evaluation and reflection of all the skills being developed and implemented, giving a chance to get them in practice as well as to apply it in different contexts that the one’s participants are now used to.

This activity was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


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