Welcomeship! Building inclusive communities through community-based entrepreneurship

DYPALL Network is one of partners of the project “Welcomeship! Building inclusive communities through community-based entrepreneurship” and is currently present at the partners’ meeting taking place from 26th-30th April, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

At the meeting the partners will present their work, exchange about what motivates them for the Welcomeship project, and look into the project key elements and timeline. In the Welcomeship project we are developing a model of community-based entrepreneurial learning for young people as a mean of building inclusive communities.

The goals are, among others, to build capacities of young people and youth workers, to promote collaboration between local stakeholders, policy makers, local youth, as well as young migrants and refugees to build the culture of dialogue, openness and overcome prejudice and fears and to develop a wide range of working tools for integration and inclusion work in other European communities

The model aims at using diversity for a greater social cohesion, is based on collaborative learning and dialogue between the local residents and young people of all backgrounds, including migrants and refugees; raises community spirit and provides young people with specific skills so that they can become active contributors to the society and communities where they live.


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