Closing the loop: Young Migrant Voices Training Course

“We underestimate how much the diaspora and migrant community can actually contribute to society, making it one that is more inclusive and the amount of value we add in this whole process”

Amina Khalid – consultant at Initiatives of Change UK and director of Somali Initiatives for Dialogue and Democracy, during the Round Table on participation of young migrants.

Keeping in line with DYPALL’s mission, the training course “Young Migrant Voices”, which took place from 15 to 21 November 2016 in Odiliapeel (Netherlands) provided a space for capacity building of youth workers, youth leaders and municipality officers working with young migrants and youth with migrant backgrounds. The training also allowed for synergies between civil society organisations such as youth non-profit organisations and local authorities representatives.

Besides specific sessions on how to improve the participation from migrant youth or with migrant backgrounds, another aspect of the training was to get “hands-on” into designing inclusive practices of participation. This was done through sharing of best practices and experience from the participants’ own realities.

There were also sessions focused on exploring the structures of participation at the local level, be it in local youth councils, municipalities, etc. The role of formal institutions concerning migrant youth was also debated and ideas on how these institutions need to reshape their scope were brought forth.

While enriching the activities, the Round Table gave the participants an opportunity to learn from our two guest and their personal stories and the work they develop in their organisations.

Overall the participants felt the course enabled important discussions and gave them tools to better engage and cooperate with young migrants and young people with migrant backgrounds within their organisation, youth council, local authority, while also integrating and empowering them. They felt, however more time was needed to go deeper into some topics.

Below is an excerpt of the Facebook Live feed that aired during the Round Table as part of the course

If you want to see some of the activities which took place during the course, take a look at the picture review here.

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