SURVEY: Share your thoughts on climate change and climate action – Community Challengers

Are you a young person or a youth worker? Let us know what you think about climate change and climate action!
We are currently developing a new project aimed towards empowering young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to engage in climate action. We would like incorporate your ideas and opinions into our project as much as possible!

Fill-in this short survey and support our project:

The survey is a part of a project Community Challengers: Towards sustainable & climate-smart communities through Arts & Social Entrepreneurship. It seeks to empower young people with tools to take and reflect on climate action and mobilise their communities with innovative and appealing measures. The project is developed by a consortium of partners from Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Serbia under the leadership of YEPP Europe and is based on a a 4-step methodology: Learn, Analyse, Create, Advocate (LACA learning method).

The outcomes of the project correspond to this methodology:
1. Learn – Climate Action Handbook (O1)
2. Analyze – Community Mapping Toolkit (O2)
3. Create – Community Challengers Guide (O3)
4. Advocate – Advocacy Tutorials (O4)

The project will allow to create a sustainable and empowering environment for young people on the topic climate action and to contribute to their active participation in society and in decision-making processes. Stay tuned!

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