“#EUInfluencer” online meeting and International Training Course

News about the online meeting “First step to becoming an #EUInfluencer” and the International Training Course about “How to become an influencer.”

Our online event “First step to becoming an #EUInfluencer”, with the selected young people from Sweden, Portugal, Serbia, Italy, and Croatia, took place last Saturday, 5th of November. This online meeting was designed for the selected group of influencers to come together online to meet each other before the International Training Course in Serbia and learn about the project and their role in it.

From the 10th to the 15th of November, the International Training Course took place in Belgrade, Serbia. The whole group went to Belgrade to be trained on the topics of the EU and its structure, the impact of the EU on the local communities, how to tackle misinformation about the EU and combat fake news, and how to transmit this information to other young people using peer learning and non-formal education methods.

The idea of the International Training Course was to engage the selected participants to have an active role in being the influencers of the EU towards their peers by increasing their understanding of the EU, developing critical thinking, and combating fake news during the implementation of the project in the period of 2022-2024.

The main goal of this International training course was achieved by establishing a selected core team of young people from different backgrounds, well-informed, and critical European citizens, and by providing space for these young people to have a critical look at the existing democratic system in the EU and their own role in it developing critical thinking and combating fake news.

This project is co-funded by the European Youth Together programme of the European Union, and it is coordinated by DYPALL Network in cooperation with Associazione Elios (Italy), Centar E8 (Serbia), LAG Zagorje – Sutla (Croatia), and African Empowerment Centre (Sweden).




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