Exploring Local Youth Work

Participants went out to the city of Rēzekne for a packed field day as part of the “Youth Actors in Decision Making” training course

The day began in the Municipality of Rēzekne where the participants met with municipality officers and other stakeholders working on youth affairs. Afterwards they took part in a non formal discussion “Coffee with politics” with Vilis Bruveris, a Latvian youth policy expert.

After “Coffee with politics” at Municipality of Rēzekne


Then, after a visit to Rēzekne’s youth center “Zeimuļs​, the group headed towards a local parish of Rezekne, Malta, where therewas a visit to new multifunctional sports hall and to Maltas Bērnu un jauniešu centrs.

The visit ended at the historical Lūznava Manor​ were the group was treated to a delightful cultural soiree with youngster from the surrounding parishes.

Overall, this was an opportunity to get in touch with young people in a youth friendly context and also with governmental and local authority representatives and important stakeholders, covering the youth policy decision-making spectrum from top to bottom.

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Group photo at Zeimuls Youth Center

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