WELCOMESHIP Youth Exchange

DYPALL Network is a partner of the Welcomeship project, that stands for building inclusive communities through community-based entrepreneurship, coordinated by YEPP Europe.

The overall goal of the project is to develop, implement and test the “Welcomeship” model” – a model of entrepreneurship learning for young people with fewer opportunities, including young migrants & refugees and local youth. The “Welcomeship” model is based on non-formal learning methods and collaborative practice. It strengthens the interaction of locals and newcomers, addresses the fears and prejudices and fosters community spirit as an overarching goal. Local youth and young migrants develop entrepreneurial ideas which address community issues and build partnerships with stakeholders to bring about positive change in the local communities. This collaboration is intended to lead to openness, tolerance and an atmosphere of togetherness in the community. Ultimately, the “Welcomeship” model aims at becoming a tool for inclusive communities.

Between 5th and 11th of April, it took place a youth exchange in Albenga, Italy where all the partners had representatives from the local trainings. According to the mapping of the different backgrounds, there was 30 countries and 5 continents represented in this activity. In this activity participated 4 young people from each partner plus a trainer, that had the opportunity to share their experiences and achievements at the local level and improve their own projects. During the week, the group went through different topics as idea development, stakeholders mapping, business model canvas and prototyping at the beach.

Also, the participants had the opportunity of discovering a bit more of the local reality and other countries’. There was also time to simulate a Shark Tank show where the participants pitched their ideas in front of the Mayor of Albenga, local entrepreneurs, NGO representatives, and journalists. The local trainings will now be continued with a great boost of energy and inspiration.

From this project, there is also an online platform available to everyone, with contents from the trainings and online courses regarding entrepreneurship: http://welcomeship.org/

The activity has the support of the Erasmus+ programme.

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