“How to Score a Youth Goal” training courses in Vienna and Berlin


DYPALL Network took part in the two training courses organised under the “How to Score a Youth Goal” project during the month of October, supporting its pedagogical and educational dimensions.

The first of these two moments was the training course named “Tackling Youth Goals Implementation,” held from 16th – 21st October 2023 in the vibrant city of Vienna, Austria, organised by the Austrian National Youth Council. This particular course was designed to equip members of international youth organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to engage effectively with the Youth Goals. It not only encouraged the participants to delve deeper into the priorities related to these goals but also helped them enhance their communication skills. Additionally, the training aimed to foster the development of partnerships and encouraged the creation of comprehensive action plans to increase awareness about youth goals. A significant and inspiring moment within this training was the participation in #earthtalks, where the attendees had the privilege to gain insights from young activists, scientists, and experts in climate change and youth participation. This event offered valuable perspectives on taking action and influencing policies, enriching the participants’ learning experience.

The second training course, “Youth Goals Training Camp,” was conducted in Berlin, Germany, from 26th – 31st October 2023, hosted by the German National Youth Council. The core objective of this training initiative was to provide support to EUYD Ambassadors. Their main aim was to promote and raise awareness of the Youth Goals while educating the ambassadors on the fundamental principles and strategies of Youth Goals, Youth Policies, and Youth Participation. This insightful training empowered the participants with the knowledge and expertise required to act as effective ambassadors in their respective regions and countries. There was time to visit the Futurim Museum and take part in a fictional and interactive audio expedition into the future of generations and democracy, immersing in an innovative experience.

This Erasmus+ project is coordinated by Mreža mladih Hrvatske – Croatian Youth Network, in cooperation with DYPALL Network, Bundesjugendvertretung, Conselho Nacional de Juventude – Portugal, Deutscher Bundesjugendring and the researcher Ondrej Barta. Co-founded by Croatian National Agency.

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