YES! GAM-EU! Partners meeting

The partners’ meeting of the project YES! GAM-EU! happened in Parnu, Estonia, from the 13th to the 16th of November.
All partners, YEU – Belgium, LA Fenice – Italy, ABS – Bulgaria, DYPALL Network – Portugal and Sauga ANK – Estonia, reflect and discuss a different aspect of this KA2 project. It was time to evaluate some results achieved until then as users in the platform,, or the communication strategy. During these days, the consortium planned the next international activities as the seminar, taking place in Estonia at the end of March, as well as the youth exchange that will happen in Brussels where young people will be able to meet MEP’s.
The coordinators when trough the platform in order to better understand how to adjust it now that European election occurred and to turn it in a powerful tool that can be used by, not just young people, but also youth workers and educators who aimed to deliver content about EU.
This moment allowed to get to know the new partner, Sauga ANK, and strengthen the partnership among the organizations present.

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