Youth participatory for innovative education in the Zalewo commune – Training and study visit in Poland

Between 13th and 17th of September, the trainers of DYPALL Network visited Elbląg and Iława in Northern Poland under a project “Youth participatory for innovative education in the Zalewo commune” coordinated by Forum Animatorów Społecznych. The aim of the project was to increase the civic activity of youth from Zalewo commune by implementing the model of youth activation based on the examples shared by Portuguese organisations during a study visit in Portimão.

The trainers of the DYPALL Network visited Poland to support the implementation of the local youth participation activity. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we trained 20 young people and 4 teachers from 4 schools in local rural areas, who learned about youth participation and their power to change their local reality. Following a design-thinking methodology, young people analysed the problems and needs of their peers, defined the existing problems, brainstormed on possible solutions and finally created and tested prototypes of their ideas in front of their school directors. The initiatives they planned shall be implemented in the first half of the school year.

The rest of the visit was dedicated to the study visit in Iława. Meetings with local student unions and the local youth council allowed us to better understand differences between the structures of youth participation and share with young people and youth workers part of the European good practices mapped by the DYPALL Network in the ongoing study on models of youth participation. Meeting with the vice-mayor of Iława Dorota Kamińska and the local coordinator Wojciech Jankowski was an opportunity to take a look into the opportunities for future cooperation in the field of youth participation in decision-making processes at the local level.

Exchanges like these widen the horizons, boost the transfer of good practices, improve the existing structures and bring ideas, that might create a better future.

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