“Local Youth Councils at International Scale” Project Meeting in Rabat, Morocco

On the 20-23 July, DYPALL Network led the first Transnational Partners Meeting of the project “Local Youth Councils at International Scale”. The meeting took place in Rabat, Morocco, and was hosted by the Moroccan Youth Forum for the 3rd Millenium.

It was an opportunity for the partners to:
– get to know each other in person,
– update on the state of the project, including recent project developments such as the kick-off online conference “Local Youth Councils at International Scale”,
– plan in detail the following project activities, including launching the call for the expert group on local youth councils, finalising the literature study and starting the mapping of good practices on local youth councils in the countries of the project,
– discuss the administrative issues, dissemination plan and monitoring strategy.

Project “Local Youth Councils at International Scale” focuses on the quality of youth work at the international level in terms of analysing and increasing the capacities and possibilities of youth workers from civil society organisations and municipalities to engage young people in decision-making processes at the local level through local youth councils and equipping young people with the skills and competencies for quality participation.

The project is coordinated by DYPALL Network in partnership with Europiamo ETS (Italy), Youth on Board (North Macedonia), Student’s Forum Institute (Palestine), Moroccan Youth Forum for the 3rd Millenium (Morocco), Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy (Tunisia). It is financed under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the Field of Youth programme by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.

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