“How to Score a Youth Goal” Last transnational project meeting


DYPALL Network participated in the final transnational project meeting of the “How to Score a Youth Goal” project from 15th – 18th January, hosted in Zagreb, Croatia. This meeting marked a significant milestone for the project, coordinated by Mreža mladih Hrvatske – Croatian Youth Network, and brought together a consortium of key European youth organisations.

Representatives from the project consortium convened to share outcomes, insights, and strategies developed throughout the project. The contributions of each organisation highlighted the diverse and collaborative nature of this European initiative.

The meeting was an opportunity for reflection and assessment, focusing primarily on the results achieved, especially the manual, one of the intellectual outputs developed and tested throughout the project’s duration. This resource, a cornerstone of the project, was closely examined, with the intent to adapt the training curricula based on feedback from various groups that participated in the trainings as well as trainers and partner organisations. Such adaptations aim to refine and enhance the effectiveness of the training approach for future implementations.

Additionally, partners worked on dividing tasks and making arrangements for the final stages of the project. A significant part of the discussions was dedicated to the dissemination plan, ensuring that the project’s results and learnings are shared widely and effectively.

The final meeting in Zagreb also laid the groundwork for the upcoming Learning/Teaching/Training Activity (LTTA) to be held in Portugal. This LTTA is designed with a specific objective: to gather decision-makers from various sectors and provide them with training. This initiative underscores the project’s commitment to not just engaging young people but also to ensuring that those in positions of influence are well-equipped to understand and support youth participation in decision-making processes.

This Erasmus+ project is coordinated by Mreža mladih Hrvatske – Croatian Youth Network, in cooperation with DYPALL Network, Bundes Jugend VertretungConselho Nacional de Juventude – PortugalDeutscher Bundesjugendring and the researcher Ondrej Barta and co-founded by Croatian National Agency.

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