“Youth Council Participation in Europe” Study Visit to Klaipeda


DYPALL Network participated in a Study Visit to Klaipeda, Lithuania, held from 23rd – 27th January 2024. The main objective of the visit was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among participants, particularly regarding local youth participation models. The focus was on empowering local youth councils to play a more active role in local youth policies and decision-making processes.

Throughout the week-long visit, participants engaged in various sessions and presentations utilising non-formal education methods. They learned about different participation models and shared their experiences of working with local authorities. Notably, participants from Norway led a session titled “How to Make Authorities Listen to Youth Voices,” which included simulated meetings with authorities and subsequent facilitated discussions.

DYPALL Network also introduced a draft publication on youth participation models, followed by focus groups where participants provided feedback and suggestions. These groups were instrumental in developing a new chapter for the publication.

Aside from the educational aspects, participants had the chance to explore the facilities of the Klaipeda Youth Center and meet with the Klaipeda Youth Council and local authorities. These interactions provided valuable insights into youth programs and strategies in Klaipeda, along with opportunities to learn about the city’s history, culture, and traditions through visits to local museums and theatres.

The Study Visit yielded significant outcomes, further solidifying DYPALL Network’s dedication to youth empowerment. It served as a platform for networking and insightful discussions for representatives of local youth councils, enriched by informal moments of exploring Klaipeda together.

Looking ahead, the focus will shift to organising multiplier events and finalising the analysis of youth participation in partner countries. Participants will organise local multiplier activities and participate in focus groups to consolidate the lessons learned during the Study Visit. This ongoing initiative underscores the commitment to amplify youth voices and drive positive change at the local level across Europe.

This Study Visit to Kristiansand is part of the project Youth Council Participation in Europe, an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybė (Lithuania) in collaboration with Kristiansand Kommune (Norway), Viimsi Noortekeskus (Estonia) and DYPALL Network.

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