DYPALL Network at the 20th edition of the UYD

From 15th-18th of September, DYPALL Network participated in the 20th edition of the University on Youth and Development, at CEULAJ (Mollina, Spain), facilitated by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, on the topic “Youth and Justice”.

We reflected on the Network’s strategic priorities for the upcoming years (2021-2023), with the sense of bettering our work on different activities, such as project development and support. DYPALL Network did an update about global and EU-level youth strategies and policy frameworks and how to connect European youth policies to local youth participation.

The three working days allowed to identify and further developed some of the Network’s flagship initiatives related to youth participation mainstreaming and youth policy development in local governance.

The 20th edition of the UYD brought together several organisations and opened a place for networking and exchange of knowledge, keeping always in mind our purpose – young people, and empowering local democracies.

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