TO THE POINT on the new Erasmus+ programme

Today we met online with members and friends of DYPALL Network for the second edition of our TO THE POINT series of moments on youth participation. This time we presented the key differences between the old and new Erasmus+ programme.

Although the programme is being delayed, we managed to gather a lot of useful information based on different National Agencies’ presentations. How does it look?

  • 80% higher budget, raised from 14,7 bln EUR in 2014-2020 to over 26 bln EUR in 2021-2027
  • accreditation for organisations and consortiums responsible for Erasmus+ mobilities
  • new actions under KA1 (DiscoberEU, Youth participation activities) and KA2 (Small scale projects, Forward looking projects)
  • greener, more inclusive and digital Erasmus+ programme

These are the changes we are looking forward to, which might have a significant, positive influence on youth work.

Today’s TO THE POINT activity open to the public. It brought attention to over 60 participants from 21 countries. We are looking forward to delivering more such interesting moments in the future.


TO THE POINT is a series of online moments, where we or the invited experts present valuable inputs on youth participation. Starting from 12th January 2021, we will meet every second week, for just an hour of inputs, questions and networking.

For the next meeting, we prepared:

  • TO THE POINT on youth e-participation – 09/02/2021 (10:00 CET)
This meeting will be reserved exclusively for our network members, but some of the upcoming events in the series will be open to the public. Stay tuned and follow our social media if you are interested in participation.

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