During July, two LTTAs –  Learning, Teaching, Training Activities took place within the Regenerate & Innovative: Social Impact Volunteering (RISIV) ” project. Both events were conducted based on non-formal education methods and sought to balance moments of self-reflection, group activities, the sharing of experience, and fundamental theoretical notions.

Between 5th and 7th, 12 youth workers were together in Logroño, Spain, to: 

  • understand the concept of SIPSocial Impact Project and the co-production approach;
  • reflect on the process of facilitation of a SIP, the role of the facilitator, as well as the competencies he/she needs to possess or develop;
  • learn how to foster youth participation and empowerment.

From the 24th to the 28th, 18 young people, followed by 6 team leaders from each partner organization, gathered in Ovar, Portugal. The goals of this activity were to:

  • facilitate and support the development of a leadership mindset;
  • understand the youth leader role and how to facilitate peer to peer collaboration;
  • gain the required practical knowledge and skills on how to implement SIPs;
  • provide guidance and resources ‘at the fingers’ of youth leaders to support other young people as peers as independent, to develop mutual support and reinforce mechanisms.

In both moments, TPM – Transnational Project Meetings were organized to prepare the following steps and collect feedback from the groups for the IO – Intellectual Outputs 2 and 3.

A consortium of 6 organisations is implementing RISIV project: Eurocircle – Europe Direct (France), Rinova London (United Kingdom), Neo Sapiens (Spain), Hope For Children CRC Policy Center (Cyprus), Ciofs-Fp (Italy) and DYPALL Network under Erasmus+ KA2 innovation.



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