Explore the activities we organize to engage young people in local governance and decision-making. Our programs include workshops, training sessions, and community projects designed to empower youth and address their needs.






Positive feedbacks

What the participants say

“Having worked with migrants for over three years, I already had some knowledge of many tools. However, the training was crucial in helping me connect these tools, establish clear steps, and identify issues and solutions more effectively.”


from "Migrant Youth Friendly Cities" training course

"It was an event of building partnerships, but also the beginning of friendships. It ended with two applications to KA1 done, so congratulations to us all!"

Patrícia Matos Gil

from Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Youth participation for sustainable local democracies”

“I think that all 30 participants received a lot from this activity, both the skills demonstrated and also the great examples of facilitators that we had present.”


from Study Session "Youth Democracy Academy"

"During a productive week, I could participate not only in the vibrant DYPALL Network's PBA, but also in the international conference on today's challenges of democracy. This experience will bring new partnerships and projects to tackle the challenges of youth participation.''

Harry Tsatryan

from Winter Democracy Academy

Activity reports

Report of the 1st Winter Democracy Academy Week and International Conference

Winter Democracy Academy

The Winter Democracy Academy Report highlights the critical role of youth in revitalizing democracy through innovative participatory mechanisms. This initiative provided a space for stakeholders to meet, debate, and cooperate on youth participation issues, emphasizing the importance of their contribution to sustainable societal development. It serves as a call to action for communities and policymakers to harness the potential of youth for a more inclusive and vibrant democratic future.

Winter Democracy Academy International Conference “Today’s Democracy Challenges”

Winter Democracy Academy

The Winter Democracy Academy International Conference, “Today’s Democracy Challenges,” focused on the critical issues surrounding democracy and citizenship, particularly emphasizing youth involvement. The conference facilitated discussions between young entrepreneurs, youth leaders, researchers, and public organization members. Key topics included the intricacies of democracy, youth empowerment in democratic participation, policy development, political pathologies, and democracy deficits. It also highlighted innovative tools and approaches for youth engagement, the role of youth centres in fostering cultural diversity, and strategies to bridge the gap between youth eagerness and institutional capacity in democratic processes.

Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Building synergies for sustainable local democracies”

Winter Democracy Academy

The “Partnership Building Activity (PBA)” report, under the theme “Building Synergies for Sustainable Democracies,” details an event aimed at enhancing youth participation organized by the DYPALL Network in Lisbon, Portugal. The event brought together participants from various countries to discuss strategies for youth engagement in democracies. The report highlights the success of the event in fostering a network among youth workers and NGOs, sharing best practices in youth participation, and planning future Erasmus+ projects for sustainable collaborative youth initiatives across Europe.

CHLaYdoscope European Youth Leaders Academy


The training aimed to explore innovative methodologies and tools that collaborate to transform community needs, opportunities, and ideas into valuable resources, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Study Session Youth Democracy Academy

Youth Democracy Academy

Gathering 30 young leaders across 20 countries, the study session aimed to empower participants with vital skills for implementing the “Educate for Democracy” training program. The event effectively advanced participants’ understanding of the importance of revitalising pluralistic democracy and young people’s access to rights and information, aligning with the Council of Europe’s goal of promoting active citizenship among the youth.

Migrant Youth Friendly Cities – A scale of reference

Migrant Youth Friendly Cities - A scale of reference

The International Training Course “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities: A Scale of Reference” brought together youth workers, municipality officers, and young individuals with migrant backgrounds from Sweden, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, who gained a comprehensive understanding of how integration strategies and policies profoundly influence the daily lives of young migrants and refugees. They also explored the Assessment Tool and Guidelines “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities”, tools for assessing and improving integration policies.

Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Youth participation for sustainable local democracies”

Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Youth participation for sustainable local democracies”

The activity report describes the main outcomes and results of the Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Youth Participation for sustainable local democracies” in Mollina, Spain, within the framework of the University on Youth and Development. The activity aimed to create a space to exchange different realities, promote good practices, methodologies and tools and develop cooperation projects that link young people, environmental policies and local democracies. The PBA gathered 30 representatives of civil society organisations and municipalities who work on the topic of youth participation in decision-making at the local level from Latvia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Netherlands, Serbia, Poland, Armenia, North Macedonia and Portugal.

#EUInfluencers youth exchange


The youth exchange gathered 27 young influencers from all participating countries to share the results of the #EUInfluencers project implementation in their local communities and to plan the steps ahead. The report outlines the events conducted throughout the exchange program and highlights the key results achieved.

Study visit to Eindhoven “Boosting youth participation at the local level 3”

Boosting youth participation at the local level 3

This report presents the Study visit to Eindhoven, “Boosting youth participation at the local level 3”, which happened in May. During the activity, 26 youth workers from CSOs and municipality officers coming from Latvia, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Finland, North Macedonia, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain gathered to work together and observe specific projects on the involvement of young migrants in decision-making processes at the local level.

CHLaYdoscope training for trainers


The CHLaYdoscope partners met in Koper, Slovenia, in order to develop the programme for the upcoming Youth Leaders Academy in Portugal, in which CHLaYdoscope participants will learn how to tackle local challenges innovatively using tools that enhance creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.