“EUnvironmental Emergency in Simple Words” transnational project meeting


The second meeting for the “EUnvironmental Emergency in Simple Words” transnational project meeting occurred from 7th – 10th November in Nicosia, Cyprus.

During the first day, partners focused on monitoring the project’s progress and organising further steps in the framework of the project, including creating the Communication Strategy and implementing the communication channels like the website and social media pages.

The second day was focused on the project results.  The partners had the opportunity to finalise the “Envictionary,” led by DYPALL Network, and provide feedback about the second result, the Educational Guide for youth workers on non-formal learning approaches on environmental issues,” led by the Municipality of Salamina. The consortium also had the opportunity to start planning the other project results, namely the online MOOC Courses on environmental terminology (PR3) led by AFOI KOUTSANTONI EE RDC Company, the comics and board game with recycled materials (PR4) led by Center for Social Innovation – CSI, and the application game (PR5) led by CYLN.

The project is coordinated by the Municipality of Salamina (Greece) in cooperation with Center for Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus), Rozprawy o Europie (Poland), AFOI KOUTSANTONI EE RDC Company (Greece), CYLN (Greece) and DYPALL Network under the Erasmus+ programme.

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