Training Follow Up! Level up

Between 25th November – 17th December 2020 DYPALL Network conducts an online training “Follow up! Level up,” which is a capacity building activity for youth workers on how to ensure local impact and local engagement of young people taking part in European and international mobilities through effective follow-up strategies. Together, we analyse the barriers that stop young people from engaging at the local level and devise strategies and solutions on how to overcome them. The training is an opportunity to discuss, share and learn from our own expertise on the local impact of learning mobilities and on efficient follow-up strategies and activities.
Between sessions on Zoom, participants are also engaged in the learning process on HOP Platform from SALTO, which fosters online learning in Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps programmes and is based on advanced versions of Moodle software.
We use it as a space to store materials from online sessions, for networking and as an opportunity to deepen the learning process of participants through asynchronous tasks. Through the platform, participants learn about Design Thinking Process and devise their own follow-up strategies. HOP Platform is open and free of charge for any training developed within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2.
This training is conducted by DYPALL Network as a part of KA2 “Level Up! Life After Mobility” project coordinated by
Active Bulgarian Society in partnership with United Societies of Balkans, Youth for Exchange and Understanding International

and DYPALL Network.

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