DYPALL Network’s busy May days – Part 1: Steering Group Meetings

On the 18th to the 19th of May, DYPALL Network was involved in different activities to strengthen our network. First and foremost, it brought together researchers and trainers from around Europe who work specifically on the theme of youth participation at local level. These meetings had the goal of supporting the strategic development of the… Continue reading DYPALL Network’s busy May days – Part 1: Steering Group Meetings

9th Steering Group Meeting

The 9th Steering Group (SG) Meeting of DYPALL Network was held between 4 to 6 January 2017, in Riga, Latvia. The meeting was an opportunity to remark and assess 2016’s achievements, to review and work on 2017 Work Plan, to share the best practices from the different network members and to discuss the network’s priorities for the future ahead. While working on… Continue reading 9th Steering Group Meeting

5th Steering Group Meeting

During the International Conference, the members of the Steering Group (SG) held their fifth meeting between April 12 and 14. They finalized the preparation of the members’ annual meeting, taking place in the upcoming Friday April 15 and reviewed the work plan and priorities for 2016. They reviewed the needs of our members and of the network in general,… Continue reading 5th Steering Group Meeting