Study visit “Local youth policies on social entrepreneurship”

From the 21st-26th October, the Study visit “Local youth policies on social entrepreneurship” took place in Tilburg, Netherlands. This study visit is the second of two visits that composed the project, the first in Portugal (May 2019), organized by DYPALL Network in cooperation with R-Newt (Netherlands).

During the week, participants were able to see a variety of practices and models of youth social entrepreneurship and of mechanisms and structures that support such practices, as well as to transfer this experience into their own local reality.

The purpose of the visit was to allow the participants to gain skills and knowledge to support young people in starting a business, developing a deeper understanding of the different realities, experiences and opportunities for youth social entrepreneurship and Local youth policies for social entrepreneurship aimed at the inclusion of young people with migrant background.

On the week’s program of the study visit, participants visited different entrepreneurial businesses and ideas implemented in Tilburg and debated the creators. Moreover, participants visited Tilburg Municipality and, learned about how they boost youth participation at the local level.

Many interesting programs for engaging young people in social entrepreneurship were presented and conclusions and action plans were elaborated in the sense of reflecting what was experienced in Tilburg, in participants’ local realities.

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