“International Partnership to Support Youth Initiatives” Final conference

The final conference of the “International Partnership to Support Youth Initiatives” project took place on the 23rd of August in Barcelona, Spain. 

This event celebrated the project’s accomplishments and provided a platform to underscore the importance of empowering youth-driven initiatives in shaping a brighter future.

The project’s overarching goal was to support young people with fewer opportunities, especially those at risk of discrimination due to living in rural areas, and to overcome the barriers they face in society by learning together, raising awareness as well as knowledge and developing key skills of youth workers to support youth initiatives, and cooperation with young people at risk of social exclusion based on respect, empathy, diversity and tolerance.

The conference was a remarkable opportunity to showcase the outcomes achieved through the project’s duration, the local initiatives created in partners’ countries aligned with 11 European Youth Goals and the intellectual outputs produced within the project.

Attendees at the conference had the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops designed to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas. These workshops served as a melting pot of perspectives, where participants delved into brainstorming moments related to the challenges faced by today’s youth. 

The project was implemented by Fundacja Cooperacja (Poland) in cooperation with Asociatia Astrid (Romania), Culture Clash Barcelona (Spain), and DYPALL Network, co-founded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme and Polish National Agency.


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