5th Steering Group Meeting

During the International Conference, the members of the Steering Group (SG) held their fifth meeting between April 12 and 14.

They finalized the preparation of the members’ annual meeting, taking place in the upcoming Friday April 15 and reviewed the work plan and priorities for 2016. They reviewed the needs of our members and of the network in general, and identified the main projects to apply for in order to support its development. The working group identified 2 main priorities for the year: Network Enlargement and Communication, both internal and external. The SG expressed satisfaction with the work accomplished in 2015. “In four months we managed to have 2 international projects granted: the 1st DYPALL International Conference, currently taking place and the Study Session that will be held in Strasbourg this October” said Bruno Antonio, Chair of the Meeting and Coordinator of the Network.

Additionally, the SG worked together with several European stakeholders to create more opportunities for our network members. “During our first meeting of 2016, we felt that this year will be the moment of affirming DYPALL Network as one important stakeholder on the field of youth participation and youth policy development in the European arena”.

SG 5 Meeting Portimao April 2016

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