“European Future Citizens” 1st TRANSNATIONAL PARTNERS’ MEETING

DYPALL Network took part from 13th – 14th June in the first transnational partners’ meeting of the “European Future Citizens” project organised by the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn, Estonia.

European Future Citizens is a project that aims to encourage young European citizens to develop smarter cities, foster a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, and engage local communities through challenges. With a gamified approach, the project involves young people solving local challenges to promote digitalisation and sustainability in their cities.

Over the course of this two-day meeting, the partners had the opportunity to engage in discussions about the five Work Packages in the project and plan the next steps encompassing various activities, including the finalisation of the CitizenComp as a competences framework, the creation of an online platform, the development of an interactive game, the formulation of a Manifesto, the organisation of local and European Citizenthons, and an array of other activities. Besides the productive discussions, the partners had the chance to walk around Ülemiste City and have a firsthand experiential opportunity to observe the operational dynamics of a future city.

The project is coordinated by FO-Aarhus (Denmark), in cooperation with DYPALL Network, Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum (Romania), Materhub (Italy), Pot in Pot (Italy) and the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (Estonia), co-founded by the European Union.


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