MIGRANT YOUTH FRIENDLY CITIES – 2nd Transnational Partners’ Meeting

The 2nd Transnational Partners’ Meeting of the project “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities” took place 26-29.10.2022 in Stockholm, Sweden and was hosted by African Empowerment Center.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • finalise the 1st Intellectual Output “Models and strategies of migrant youth integration at local level”
  • prepare the interim report of the project
  • plan the upcoming training in Bilbao “Integration Policies at Local Level”
  • plan the development of the other intellectual outputs: Assessment tool and Guidelines for Migrant Youth Friendly Cities, which will help municipalities to evaluate their integration practices and improve them based on good practices and policies from different European countries.

The meeting was also an opportunity to visit inspiring spaces of youth migrant integration, such as Rinkeby Youth Centre. Their example clearly shows how important it is to adjust the space and its operation to the target group’s needs. The youth centre is opened until late hours and supports local youth in terms of education, work and meaningful free time. Experienced staff supports young people with their homework, train them on applying for jobs and going through job interviews, and instructs them how to record podcasts and play instruments to use their time in a meaningful way. Mapping these types of good practices is the essence of the project “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities.”

The project is led by DYPALL Network (Portugal), in cooperation with the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs (Greece), the Municipality of Fyli (Greece), African Empowerment Center (Sweden) and Novisi Elkartea (Spain). It is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: Strategic Partnership for Innovation in the field of youth.


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