DigiZation – Digital Participation in Youth Organizations

The first DigiZation partners meeting took place in Vienna from the 20th to 24th September. The four partners, Popedu from Austria, CID from Macedonia, Out of the Box from Belgium and DYPALL, were together discussing the next steps and reflecting on the project outputs.

The aim of the project is to explore the topic of Digital Participation in Youth Organizations to engage young people and it includes a consultative meeting, in Portugal, also a training for multipliers in Macedonia and a seminar and international Conference in Austria. The first it will take place in January and its goal is mapping good practices from the partner organizations, collect new tools suggested by the
experts and start the production of a booklet, which will include all the tools identified and their usability. The second will happen in May where representatives of youth organizations, municipalities, other relevant stakeholders willing to improve their capacity to use digital tools will gather. And the last one will occur in September, with all the participants involved in the whole process that together will evaluate the
implementation, impact and potential benefits of the project on individuals and organizations.

Soon we will open a call to look for youth workers and experts who want to give their contribution, share their experiences and knowledge and learn and be aware of the theme. From this process, we will create a publication with all the tools mapped and their usability, in different contexts.

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