#hearyourvoices: glimpses of the Conference

ioana“I am representing the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece, in the International Conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional level” organized by ECOS and DYPALL Network; I am an elected member in the municipality as a community advisor.
During this Conference, I expect to meet new people, see how other countries do youth work and how they foster youth participation, and make connections for future projects.

Youth participation is one of the most important things, I am also a young person and I saw people taking part in decision-making processes as well as those that are not interested and I thus strongly believe that it is important that we all become more active, but especially young people, because the future belongs to them. In Greece, it is more common to see people active at regional level rather than locally. In Thessaloniki, the current mayor has been in this position for the last 6 years, and he works a lot to promote youth participation with the result of many young people to be elected and involved in the Municipality and in the City Council.”

Ioanna Dagdileli, Municipality of Thessaloniki (Greece)


Read about the International Conference on “Youth Policy At Local And Regional Level – Developing Our Territories Through Youth Participation In Decision-Making” Portimão (Portugal) 12 -15 April 2016

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