Youth2EUrope Youth meeting

The Youth2EUrope Youth meeting took place from 1st – 7th May 2023 in Setubal, Portugal.

During the Youth meeting, 25 young people from Croatia, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal further developed skills of active citizenship by increasing their knowledge about EU institutions, its values and priorities and the decision-making process. The participants will put their newly acquired knowledge into practice by implementing the awareness campaigns about the European Union and European elections 2024 developed during the Youth meeting.

Through awareness campaigns created and led by the young people, strategic advocacy work will have a positive impact by making their voices heard and encouraging other young people to be motivated to become active citizens. By implementing awareness campaigns, young people will reach those citizens who need to be more involved in civic participation in their everyday life.

All the specific objectives of the Youth meeting were reached, namely:

❖ Increasing youth knowledge of the European Parliament, decision-making, and its functions,

❖ Fostering youth understanding of the European political agenda, its priorities, and policy-making processes,

❖ Inspiring and increasing youth awareness that the key to defining the future of the EU is the choices of young people and their active participation.

The activity was organized by DYPALL Network with the cooperation of Mano Europa and the support of Setubal Municipality. A consortium of 4 organisations is implementing the Youth2EUrope project: Mano Europa (Lithuania), DKolektiv (Croatia), Glocal Factory (Italy) and DYPALL Network under the CERV program.


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