E-Participation at a Glance

DYPALL Network attended the training course “E-Participation at a Glance” organized by Europe4Youth in Krakow, from 1st – 9th February 2018.

This international training course gathered youngsters and youth workers from Civil Society Organizations aiming at sharing good practices and enhancing skills in the context of youth online participation in social and political decision-making processes. It counted on 25 participants representing Poland, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece and Macedonia.

During the training course, participants engaged in various group reflections to better understand e-democracy terminology and to analyse the already existent online mechanisms designed to foster youth participation. Based on the outcomes of this first analysis and focusing on the main challenges imposed to youth e-participation, participants were invited, in a second moment of the training, to design and test their own project for e-tools to be potentially implemented in the context of e-democracy. This second moment implied field research among local youth so the recently developed tools could be tested and evaluated by the respective target group, which took place in the Centrum Obywatelskie (Citizens Center). As part of the programme, there was also the opportunity to get in touch with the work developed by the local public body Miejskie Centrum Dialogu of the Municipality of Krakow. On a last moment of the programme, based on the work developed until that point, a debriefing of all the ideas on how to make e-participation effective was developed by the group.

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