The 3rd TPM of the “How to Score a Youth Goal” project, hosted by CNJ – Conselho Nacional de Juventude, Portuguese National Youth Council, took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 15th – 17th of May.

The main aim of the project is to deeply explore the implementation of the 11 European Youth Goals at the local and national levels, providing insight into how to address the priorities of youth in a concrete way.

During these three-day meeting, the partners had the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback about the finalization of the IO2the Cookbook of Meaningful Youth Political Participation, exploring potential options to disseminate the results better. The consortium also had the opportunity to get more familiar with and validate the structure of the IO3the training curriculum led by DYPALL Network.

In the next few months, 4 LTTAsLearning, Teaching, and Training Activities will be organised in Austria, Croatia, Germany, and Portugal, to test the programmes and sessions designed in IO3 targeting National Youth Councils, international Youth Organizations, policy and decision makers and EUYD – EU Youth Dialogue Ambassadors.

The project is coordinated by Mreža mladih Hrvatske – Croatian Youth Network, in cooperation with DYPALL Network, BundesjugendvertretungConselho Nacional de Juventude – PortugalDeutscher Bundesjugendring and the researcher Ondrej Barta. Co-founded by Croatian National Agency.


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