Quality development for stronger democracies

Building democracies resilient to the increasing threats should be at the heart of public policies. We believe that by supporting the quality development of structures, processes and mechanisms that allow young people to experience democratic participation we are increasing their level of understanding and engagement in democratic institutions. Through this, we are also ensuring that decisions in our communities address the different needs and interests of youth and bring their full potential into public policy development.



Local Youth Councils at International Scale

Climbing the Ladder: fostering a culture of Youth Engagament (CL-YE)

Youth Participation Matters – Models of youth participation on local level in Europe

Youth Takes the Floor

Fostering a Culture of Participation: Mainstreaming Local Youth Councils in Europe

Local Youth Council Participation in Europe

Winter Democracy Academy

Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Youth participation for sustainable local democracies”

Partnership Building Activity (PBA), “Building synergies for sustainable local democracies”

Partnership Building Activity(PBA) “Building synergies for stronger local democracies”

Building Resilient Communities – Youth Work at Municipality Level during COVID-19 times

One step higher – Climbing the ladder of participation

Study visit to Ghent “Youth policies for better local democracies”

How to Score a Youth Goal

Madeira Jovem – Linha de Ação para a Juventude

Azores Regional Government Project Development

Consultancy services

Tailor-made trainings

Youth Participatory Budgeting

Evaluation of existing youthpolicies framework

Participatory design of local and regional youth policy frameworks