Inclusive Democracies

Inclusive democracies should promote diversity, equity, and social justice, continuously working to create a society where everyone's voice is heard and valued.  We can not consider having quality democracies without actively engaging and representing all segments of society, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or age. The focus of this programme area is ensuring that marginalized and underrepresented youth have equal opportunities for participation in decision-making processes and access to shaping public policy and services.



Migrant Youth Friendly Cities (MYFC)

Boosting Youth Participation at Local Level | ed. 3

Cities of Welcome: Improving the Participation of Young Migrants at Local Level

Young Migrant Voices: a training course for boosting participation of young migrants in decision-making processes at local level

Boosting Youth Participation at Local Level | ed. 2

Boosting Youth Participation at Local Level | ed. 1

Consultancy services

Design of policies addressing specific youth groups 

Participatory assessment of policies and services targeting specific youth groups