#hearyourvoices : glimpses of the Conference

nataliaI came to Portimão for the International Conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional level” organized by ECOS and DYPALL Network, as CAT is one of the members of the Network. Once we received the invitation we knew it was very important for us to be here.

I wish to learn more on how to show young people that youth participation is very important, especially for them and for all of us as society. Young people have their ideas and have their peculiar view on many matters. I also wish to learn new tools of participation and make some partnerships for future projects.

Youth participation for me is being active. We can talk a lot about European level and global level, but we live in our local society so if we want to change something we should focus first on our local reality and we can make a difference at local level and then we can change the rest

Milena Nadolna-Dróżdż, vicepresident of Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej (CAT) (Polonia)


Read about the International Conference on “Youth Policy At Local And Regional Level – Developing Our Territories Through Youth Participation In Decision-Making” Portimão (Portugal) 12 -15 April 2016

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