“#EUInfluencers” project kick-off

From 26th-29th September, the 1st Transnational Partners Meeting of the “EU Influencers” project took place in Acireale, Sicily, Italy.

In this project, young people from Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, and Portugal will have an active role in being the influencers of the European project towards their peers, by increasing their understanding of the EU, developing critical thinking, and combating fake news.

The first meeting was a great opportunity for the partners to get to know each other in person and to discuss the following steps such as the International Training in Serbia with the EU Influencers of each partner´s country, the upcoming youth activities and projects at the local level under the umbrella of a joint European campaign. In this meeting, all partners had also the opportunity to discuss the dissemination strategy and communication of the project. The outcomes of the project will be presented by young influencers in an online large-scale youth event. In fact the aim of this project is to establish a pool of young, well-informed and critical European citizens through a series of international and local trainings, Youth Democracy Academy – online webinars and tools, youth exchange and local projects led by young people for young people.

This project is co-funded by the European Youth Together programme of the European Union, and it is coordinated by DYPALL Network in cooperation with Elios (Italy), Centare 8 (Serbia), LAG Zagorje-Sutla (Croatia) and African Empowerment Center (Sweden).


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