Starts today the Study Session “Transferring Positive Practices of Democratic Youth Participation Models”

It starts today the Study Session “Transferring Positive Practices of Democratic Youth Participation Models from the European to the Local Level”. The initiative, organized by  DYPALL Network in cooperation with the Youth Department and the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe is hosted in Strasbourg (France), between 9 and 15 October.

This is DYPALL’s first Study Session with the Council of Europe: “We are very excited to come together to learn, exchange, work towards common goals, and to find meaningful and sustainable ways for further cooperation under the roof of the Council of Europe” said Dragana Jovanovska, course director on behalf of CID – Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia).

The Study Session brings to the European Youth Centre 35 participants, representative of civil society organizations, youth workers, youth leaders, and representatives of local authorities to share, debate and present their perspectives and understanding on youth participation in the decision making processes at local, looking at already existing processes at national and European level to transfer them into their reality with the creation of local action plans. 18 countries will be represented, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece,Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain,  Sweden,  Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland).

During this study session, activities will be developed to reach the following objectives:

  • To share positive practices of youth participation in civil and political life on the local, national and European level
  • To strengthen cooperation and feeling of belonging among the participants and in relation to the DYPALL network
  • To promote a common understanding on youth participation and its main values and approaches
  • To support participants involvement in current and future initiatives of DYPALL network and the Council of Europe
  • To understand and analyse the various realities of youth participation at local level (challenges, opportunities, solutions)
  • To explore inclusive approaches to foster the participation of young people facing social exclusion (Roma, NEETs, migrants, people with disabilities, refugees and other minority groups)
  • To support and encourage development of initiatives that promote youth participation, with focus on young people experiencing social exclusion

Updates on the Study Session will be published daily in the Facebook page

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– Silvia Pieretto – DYPALL Network, Project Manager:

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