“Youth for Active Society” training course


DYPALL Network participated in the training course for the “Youth for Active Society” project from 11th – 17th    December 2023, in Ochojno, Poland. The event was hosted by Fundacja Ornament and the training was provided by KRIK and DYPALL Network.

The “Youth for Active Society” project aims to map youth policies in local municipalities, creating bridges between young people, youth workers from NGOs and the local authorities. This training course was focused on accessing the participants’ knowledge about youth participation in the decision-making processes through innovative digital tools and gamified learning.

During the training, 23 participants (young people and youth workers) from Italy, North Macedonia, Poland and Portugal had sessions based on non-formal education methodologies to improve their knowledge and competencies in the Erasmus + Programme or the process of creating youth policies on the local level. They also could learn how to build partnerships and networking, while they shared the challenges and the realities inside their communities. Part of the sessions was focused on people with disabilities and with lower opportunities when the participants were invited to analyse real-life scenarios to create solutions according to their communities’ reality. The training course also highlighted the intellectual products developed by the partners (a webinar, four educational videos and an animation about smart communities), which were presented and evaluated by all the participants, to improve their potential for attractiveness and relevance for young audiences.

In addition to the work sessions, this training course also included study visits. The participants visited the city of Świątniki Górne, where they were welcomed by the mayor, who presented the local youth policies. Since one of the focuses of this training was the importance of young people’s active participation in political life, emphasising the importance of Democracy, the participants also visited the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau so that they could see the consequences of reality where Democracy and basic Human Rights were not respected.

The project is led by Fundajca Ornament (Poland), in partnership with DYPALL Network, Center for Youth Activism KRIK / КРИК (North Macedonian), Dark-1 (North Macedonia), Bangherang (Italy), co-funded by European Union through the Erasmus+ program and through the Polish National Agency.

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