Training for online facilitators – bringing non-formal education online

On Friday 30th October we finished our 2-weeks online for online facilitators (19th-30th October). The aim of the training course was to equip 29 facilitators and trainers active within the partner organisations of the GamifyEU collaboration project with the necessary competences to implement online educational activities with young people.

The participants of the training had an opportunity:

  • to understand what changes within training activities happened due to the COVID-19 condition;
  • to explore and increase competences with ICT tools, necessary for online learning facilitation;
  • to reflect on the role of trainers/facilitators individually and as a team and as online facilitators;
  • to share hints and tips for online learning facilitation;
  • to practice the new tools and competencies in simulations followed by feedback and supported by the trainer (mini-coaching) and to create awareness of the importance of detailed preparation and standardisation.

This activity was organised by DYPALL Network and YEU International in the framework of the European cooperation project YES! GAM-EU: Youth Engagement Strategies and Gamification in the EU, a long-term project developed in partnership between five organisations (YEU International, DYPALL Network, Sauga ANK, Active Bulgarian Society, La Fenice).


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