DYPALL Network Steering Group meeting in Lisbon


From 19th to 22nd May 2024 the DYPALL Network Steering Group met in Lisbon, Portugal for a meeting aimed at reinforcing collaboration and planning future activities. This event brought together members to strategize, build relationships, and align on the network’s mission and objectives for the upcoming years.

The initial session set the stage for productive discussions and allowed new members of the DYPALL Network Steering Group for the 2024/2025 mandate to introduce themselves. Members that could not join in person for this meeting, joined online. Gianluca Rossino from Europiamo gave an inspiring speech about his involvement in DYPALL Network and how this collaboration influenced his professional engagement. 

Following the introductions, participants went into an in-depth introduction to the DYPALL Network. Key topics included the origins of the network, its mission, vision, and objectives. These discussions also highlighted the network’s impact, organizational structure, and future aspirations, providing members with a comprehensive understanding of DYPALL’s core principles and goals.

Following this, attention shifted to the 2024 activity plan, focusing on strategies for effectively representing and presenting the network. This session encouraged brainstorming and idea-sharing, fostering a collaborative planning process. 

On the second day, the group visited Cascais City Hall to learn about youth participatory budgeting and children council, gaining valuable insights. Afternoon sessions focused on internal communication, discussing how and when members can get involved and maintaining effective communication within the network. The final session allowed participants to share their interests and motivations, aligning on common goals and fostering unity. The meeting concluded with a review of commitments, an evaluation of the outcomes, and final closing remarks. 

The event was organized by DYPALL Network and funded by the Erasmus+ Civil Society Cooperation grant.

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