“Integration Policies at Local Level” Training Course

Training “Integration Policies at Local Level” took place from 20th-26th November in  Bilbao, Spain and was hosted by Novisi Elkartea with the support of DYPALL Network. It brought together municipality officers, youth and social workers, and young activists from Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Greece to learn about policies, strategies and good practices in the integration of young migrants at local level. For 5 intense days, 14 participants from 4 European countries tried to collectively answer the question “How to build effective local integration policies for young migrants?

During the training, participants:

  • analysed the outcomes of the research implemented under #MigrantYouthFriendlyCities project
  • learned about migrant youth-friendly practices from Bilbao City Council
  • visited different spaces of migrant youth participation, such as African Coworking Space KOOP in the San Francisco district
  • ideated on a practical implementation process of practices for migrant youth integration at local level
  • agreed on a set of policy areas and developed connected indicators which describe migrant youth-friendly policies
The training was based on the research outcomes on models and strategies of migrant youth integration at the local level implemented under the first stage of the project “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities earlier this year.  The training outcomes will complete the research on integration policies and strategies, soon to be published under the #MigrantYouthFriendlyCities project.
The project is led by DYPALL Network (Portugal), in cooperation with the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs (Greece), the Municipality of Fyli (Greece), African Empowerment Centre (Sweden) and Novisi Elkartea (Spain). It is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: Strategic Partnership for Innovation in the field of youth.

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