#EUInfluencers Large-scale youth event


The final event of the #EUInfluencers project “Youth in Action” took place online on 15th February 2024 at 16:00 (Brussels time), and it celebrated the power of young people in the EU. 

The event was designed for representatives of CSOs, local authorities, and European institutions, as well as youth workers and youth leaders who wanted to get inspired and potentially use the methodology and resources of the #EUInfluencers project in their work. The event’s panellists provided insights and perspectives on bridging the gap between youth and decision-makers, as well as strategies for effective youth involvement in local and European policy-making. The panel discussion concluded with a vibrant exchange of ideas and commitments to continue promoting youth participation and empowerment across Europe.

The panel speakers were the following:

  • Alithy Djiemo, #EUInfluencer
  • Marko Vešligaj, Mayor of Pregrada 
  • Milica Kostin, Youth activist
  • Jorge Orlando, European Steering Committee for Youth, Chairperson 

During the  “Youth in Action” final event, attended by 149 participants, young influencers presented the inspiring local trainings, local actions and social media campaigns they had been doing within the #EUInfluencers project at the local level 

The event served as a platform for inspiring dialogue and collaboration, highlighting the crucial role of young people in shaping the future of Europe.

You can see the recording of the event here.

This project is coordinated by DYPALL Network in partnership with Associazione Elios (Italy), Centar E8 (Serbia), LAG Zagorje – Sutla (Croatia), and African Empowerment Centre (Sweden), co-funded by the European Youth Together programme of the European Union.

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