Training on Digital Gamification

Training on Digital Gamification took place online over the course of two weeks in March 2021 organised by Youth for Exchange and Understanding International and DYPALL Network within GamifyEU project.

The main aim of the training was to build competencies of youth workers to use online games within youth work processes. Through the use of non-formal education and experiential learning, over 40 participants were able to build their competences of using online games within youth work processes for Human Rights Education (HRE) as well as to build an understanding of digital youth work and the different digital tools that can be used.

Moreover, the training presented opportunities to to learn about other examples of gamification used in youth work or work with young people in general and to test the online games developed within the platform and develop action plans for human rights education through youth work using the developed games.

The training course took place on Zoom and Gather town which made it all the more dynamic and provided a gamified learning experience for the participants.

training gamification

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