#hearyourvoices : glimpses of the Conference

armend“I am from the Municipality of Kumanovo (Macedonia), Department for Euro-integration and international cooperation. I came here to the Conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional level” to share experiences among my municipality, the municipality of Portimão and the other local authorities here present, to exchange knowledge, contacts and create a network.
My expectation is to increase our knowledge about different mechanisms of youth participation

Youth participation means a lot to me as I am a civil servant in the municipality and I work on various projects with local youth movements, so it is good to see similar experiences and compare them with how we implement them in our country. The opportunity given by DYPALL Network and by this conference of having civil society and youth organizations together with municipalities is very important because all these NGOs’ projects integrate and feed the programme of the local and regional authorities.

Youth is the present and the future, so the needs of young people are really important and every country, every region should have a strategic plan about developing youth and their well-being, as they are the generation who will be leading the future.”

Armend Mehmeti, Municipality of Kumanovo, (Macedonia)


Read about the International Conference on “Youth Policy At Local And Regional Level – Developing Our Territories Through Youth Participation In Decision-Making” Portimão (Portugal) 12 -15 April 2016

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