DYPALL Network at the European Conference on Local Youth Work and Democracy


DYPALL Network played a significant role in the recent European Conference on Local Youth Work and Democracy, organised by the EU Belgium Presidency and held in Brussels from 20th to 23rd February. This gathering, organised alongside the Strategic National Agencies Cooperation projects Europe Goes Local and Democracy Reloading, aimed to boost the quality of youth work and increase young people’s involvement at the local level. With over 300 participants, the event featured four engaging talks, 30 interactive workshops, and 15 informative field visits.

The conference featured a diverse program, including parallel sessions highlighting inspiring practices and guided discussions. Thematic working groups, organised simultaneously, provided attendees with an in-depth exploration of key topics. Additionally, informal networking opportunities and free-time activities allowed participants to forge connections and exchange ideas. One of the conference’s highlights was the series of field visits hosted by various youth organisations and projects in Brussels. These visits offered firsthand insights into local youth initiatives and provided attendees with practical knowledge and inspiration. Furthermore, the conference included a marketplace where participants could showcase the outcomes of their discussions and projects, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

DYPALL Network’s Executive Director and Deputy Director actively participated in the conference, facilitating sessions and contributing to panel discussions. Their involvement underscored the network’s commitment to promoting youth empowerment and democracy across Europe.

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