Study visit to Norway “Youth Council Participation in Europe”


DYPALL Network took part in the Study Visit to Kristiansand, Norway, which occurred from 16th – 20th October 2023.

The primary objectives were to:

  • Foster the development of structures and mechanisms that enhance local youth council projects
  • Increase participants’ knowledge of different models and approaches to support youth in decision-making
  • Empower local youth councils to engage in local youth policies and decision-making processes actively

During the week, participants delved into an array of enriching experiences and educational presentations. These included insightful discussions on youth council systems in Estonia, Portugal, and Lithuania, allowing for the invaluable sharing of knowledge and experiences. Engaging with the Kristiansand Youth Council was a particularly enlightening experience, where delegates explored the local youth engagement model, enriching their understanding of effective youth participation in local governance. Moreover, the exclusive meeting with the Mayor provided a unique opportunity for participants to interact with local leadership, offering a deeper understanding of the local youth policies landscape in Kristiansand. Exploring the local history and culture of Kristiansand, visits to Arkivet and Samsen were pivotal in deepening our connection with the community.

The Study Visit in Kristiansand yielded significant results, strengthening DYPALL Network’s commitment to youth engagement. The event enhanced participants’ knowledge, allowed for valuable networking, and offered practical insights into effective LYC participation strategies.

The next step in the project involves a Study Visit to Lithuania. Building on the lessons and experiences gained in Kristiansand, this upcoming visit aims to empower local youth councils further, expand their knowledge of different models and approaches, and encourage active participation in local youth policies and decision-making. It represents a continued effort to strengthen youth voices and drive positive change at the local level across Europe.

This Study Visit to Kristiansand is part of the project Youth Council Participation in Europe, an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Kristiansand Kommune (Norway) in collaboration with Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybė (Lithuania), Viimsi Noortekeskus (Estonia) and DYPALL Network.

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