Job shadowing activities within the LYCIS project


Within the framework of the project “Local Youth Councils at International Scale”, the project partners organised several job shadowing activities for youth workers engaged in Local Youth Councils. Six participants from the project partner countries participated in a 14-day job shadowing program between February and March 2024.

These activities were aimed at allowing bilateral exchanges of youth workers that will help build their capacities in supporting Local Youth Councils. The job shadowing activities involved six participants who went to another project partner country, where they learnt firsthand about best practices for establishing and maintaining a quality Local Youth Council and making it more inclusive, increasing youth outreach, and ensuring or improving cooperation between the Local Youth Council and the local authorities.

Italy and Morocco participated in a bilateral exchange, meaning a participant from Italy went on a job shadowing in Morocco, and a participant from Morocco went to Italy. The second pair for bilateral exchange was Tunisia and North Macedonia, meaning a participant from Tunisia went on a job shadowing in North Macedonia, and a participant from North Macedonia went to Tunisia. Finally, Portugal and Palestine participated in bilateral exchanges, too, but due to the difficult situation and unsafe conditions in Palestine, instead of sending one participant from Portugal to Palestine, two participants from Palestine were hosted in Portugal.

During the job shadowing activities, participants engaged in creative moments to understand how to establish or improve their Local Youth Councils and how to make them more inclusive, ensuring that they really represent diverse groups of young people and that actually impact policy-making at the municipal level.

The “Local Youth Councils at International Scale (LYCIS)” project is coordinated by DYPALL Network in partnership with  Europiamo ETS  (Italy), Youth on Board (North Macedonia), Student’s Forum Institute (Palestine), Forum of Young Moroccans for the Third Millennium (Morocco), Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy (Tunisia). It is financed under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the Field of Youth programme by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.


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