“Youth2EUrope” project kick-off

The first Transnational partner’s meeting of the “Youth2EUrope” (Y2EU) project took place from 7th – 10th December 2022 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

This was a kick-off meeting where partners had an opportunity to discuss and plan the foreseen activities of the project that will be implemented in the next two years to familiarize youth with the workings of European institutions, focusing on the European Parliament and bringing institutions closer to the citizens they represent and work for.

The main aims of the project are:

  1. to contribute to a more politically aware, politically-engaged generation by analyzing youth knowledge of the European Parliament and the level of political engagement in the territories of the project partners;
  2. to provide knowledge and space for youth to discuss democracy, fundamental rights, and European values and to express their views by experiencing the decision-making process through the simulation of the European Parliament.

An additional objective focusing on youth organisations and youth workers is to provide tools for organisations working the increasing youth participation, which would help educate and grow the youth community interested in EU matters.

A consortium of 4 organisations is implementing the Y2EU project: Mano Europa (Lithuania), DKolektiv (Croatia), Glocal Factory (Italy) and DYPALL Network under the CERV program.

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