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Study visit “Local youth policies on social entrepreneurship”

The study visit “Local youth policies on social entrepreneurship” took place in Lisbon, from 27th May- 1st June. This visit brought together 27 municipality officers and youth workers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, UK and Netherlands to visit and explore practices and models of youth social entrepreneurship and local youth policies

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Study visit “Future Starts Today”

The study visit Future Starts Today, took place in Lisbon from 27th-30th May, gathering a group of participants from different organisations in Croatia such as Gimnazija AGM Zabok, Srednja škola Pregrada, Srednja škola Bedekovčina, Srednja škola Zlatar , Zelena Akcija / Foe Croatia and the county of Krapinsko-zagorske. This study visit was organized by LAG Zagorje

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Study visit to Sweden – Boosting youth participation at the local level

“Boosting youth participation at the local level – a Study visit to good practices” was organised by DYPALL Network and Puntland Diaspora Forum from 7th – 12th June 2018 in Borlänge (Sweden). The Study visit gathered 25 youth workers and municipality officers of 16 different nationalities, coming from Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, Malta, Romania and

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