“Cities of Welcome” International Conference


The International Conference “Cities of Welcome: Mainstreaming migrant youth participation at local level” exploring good practices of young people with a migrant background and young migrants’ participation at the local level, was held on Monday, 26th February 2024, at 11h00 Brussels time.

The event aimed to be a moment to share good practices in the scope of the Cities of Welcome initiative and included participants from various European countries. The importance of migrant youth participation in shaping inclusive cities was the key topic during the conference. Hosted by DYPALL Network, this event brought together representatives of CSOs, local authorities and EU institutions, as well as youth workers and youth leaders working with young people with a migrant background and young migrants in order to explore the strategies for mainstreaming migrant youth involvement in their communities. 

Project partners presented the main outcomes of the project, such as the Publication Good practices of participation of youngsters with a migrant background and young migrants” and the impact of the Cities of Welcome project implemented in North Macedonia, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

The event started off with an insightful keynote speech, “Mainstreaming Migrant Youth Participation,” delivered by Bruno Antonio from DYPALL Network. Bruno Antonio set the tone for the discussions ahead by highlighting the significance of creating pathways for migrant youth to actively engage in local decision-making processes.

Elizaveta Khan, representing the Cologne Integration Council, shared valuable insights from Germany on successful initiatives promoting migrant youth engagement. Through her presentation, Khan shed light on innovative approaches and best practices, such as Integration council that have proven effective in fostering participation in decision-making. 

Marija Krstevska Taseva, project manager from DYPALL Network, presented practical tools and methodologies such as Assessment tool and Guidelines aimed at making cities more welcoming for migrant youth. 

An essential aspect of advancing migrant youth participation is securing adequate funding. Attendees had the opportunity to explore various funding opportunities, such as AMIF and Erasmus+, available to support initiatives promoting inclusivity and integration within their communities.

The event provided a platform for networking and developing collaborations among participants. Recognising the power of collective action, attendees engaged in fruitful discussions and exchanged ideas on potential partnerships to drive future initiatives forward.

As cities around the world navigate the complexities of migration and diversity, projects like the Cities of Welcome play a crucial role in fostering inclusive societies. By empowering migrant youth to become active contributors to their communities, we can build cities that embrace diversity and thrive on the strength of their varied perspectives.

The “Cities of Welcome” project is coordinated by Migrafrica in cooperation with DYPALL Network, Citizen Association United Youth, and Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. It is funded by the KA2 Erasmus+ Programme under the German National Erasmus+ Agency JUGEND für Europa.

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