DigiZation – Evaluation meeting

The Evaluation meeting of Digization – Digital Participation for Youth Organizations took place from 11th to 14th November in Vienna, Austria and gathered the representatives of CID – Center for Intercultural Dialogue from North Macedonia, POPEDU from Austria, Out of the Box International from Belgium and DYPALL Network.

The meeting was a chance to review the activities of the project and its outcomes, the communication between partners as well as to plan future steps and follow-up of the partnership. The meeting also served as an opportunity to work on finalization of the booklet gathering good practices and applications that can improve digital participation in Youth Organizations.

The project started with a partners’ meeting which took place in Vienna, Austria from the 20th to 24th of September 2018 where the calendar of activities and the aim of the project were agreed, and the first activity, taking place in January of 2019 in Portimão, was prepared.  This meeting also served for the persons in charge and their organizations got to know each other.

The Consultative Meeting in Portimão, Portugal took place from 13th to 19th of January and gathered 14 participants from the partner organizations to discuss the state of digitalization in their organizations and map useful digital tools to improve the internal and external communication of youth organizations.

The Training for Multipliers in Skopje, North Macedonia, which took place from 24th to 30th of May 2019 served as a logical continuation of the project, focusing more on youth participation both online and offline, giving the participants the opportunity to discover good practices of youth participation and usage of digital tools for fostering democratic and civic attitudes, while also supporting the further implementation of the booklet and tool mapping.

The Evaluation Meeting in Vienna gathered once again the participants to finalize the content of the booklet and deepen their competencies in digital video and photo making, while disseminating the project in a final Tedx Conference attended by members of the Viennese civil society.

Overall, it was a successful project highlighting the gap that still exists in the communication with and to youngsters from the part of Youth Organizations while also supporting organizations in addressing this issue and improving their overall digitization.

This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


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